Climate Change

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  • Climate Change
    • Fossil Fuels
      • Coal, Oil, Natural Gas
      • Non-renewable, there is a limited supply
      • Release carbon dioxide when burnt which adds a greenhouse gas into the atmosphere
      • Coal makes the most, then oil, then gas
      • Created from the remains of dead creatures that died millions of years ago
      • Release sulphur dioxide, harmful for living things
    • Greenhouse Effect
      • Greenhouse gases form a 'blanket' around the atmosphere
      • Trap heat in the Earth
      • Causes global warming, increase of temperature by 1 degrees
      • Sea levels rising
      • Extreme weather conditions
      • Ice melting
      • Methane bubbles under ice
        • Methane 21x more powerful than CO2
      • Habitats being destroyed
      • Animals at risk of extinction
      • Without greenhouse gases we would freeze
    • Renewable energy
      • Way out from climate change
      • Solar, wind, hydro etc.
      • Energy that has an infinite amount
      • Cleaner, safer to use


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