Climate Change

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  • Climate Change
    • evidence
      • Ice cores can be drilled into Antarctica  and layers of ice analysed back 400000 years to tell us past temperatures
        • We are warmer today than we have ever been.
      • Throughout the quaternary period (last 2.6 million years) the earth has fluctuated between cold glacials lasting 100 thousand years and warmer interglacials of 10,000 years.
    • Causes
      • Natural Causes
        • orbital changes-the way the earth orbits the sun changes on cycles over thousands of years-may cause glacial and interglacial.
        • Solar Output- the amount of solar output varies.
      • Human Causes
        • Burning fossil fuels releases CO2 from cars and factories. Human cause climate change via the greenhouse effect where the sun's energy is trapped inside the atmosphere.
        • Agriculture- methane from the faeces of cattle and rice fields
    • Effects
      • Environmental
        • Shrinking Ice Caps, rising sea levels, coastal flooding, coral bleaching and loss of biodiversity.
      • People-deaths from heat, migration from coastal areas, political tension over water and farming changes causing malnutrition.


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