Climate + Wave types

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  • Climate
    • Air Masses - Large chunk of air that has certain characteristics depending on where it is on the planet.
    • The Greenhouse affect - Some solar radiation is reflected by the earth and atmosphere, Most radiation is absorbed by the Earths surface & warms it. Infared radiation is emitted by Earths Surface.
    • Mitigation deals with the issue: reduce/ prevent the greenhouse gas.
      • Adaption is altering our behaviour to respond to Climate change.
      • Ideas such as: international agreements via countries, alternative energy - renewable, replanting trees and carbon capture - catch Carbon D from power plants
    • UK Landscapes
      • The further north the more mountains and upland areas
    • TYPES of Wave
      • Fetch - Height of the wave depends on how long & far the wind has been blowing over the sea + how strong
      • Constructive - weaker backwash. Destructive - stronger backwash. Swash - When the sediment is forced onto the beach. Backwash - when sediment is forced off beach
        • Constructive wave - Weak backwash carries away small sediment, gently sloping beach + small wave height = less frequent + strong swash moves sediment up beach.
        • Destructive wave - strong backwash carries away lots of sediment, weak swash moves little sediment up beach
      • Earth, moon , sun work together with gravitational pull - water being a liquid can be pulled towards the moon.
        • Spring tides - Sun, moon & earth are in perfect alignment; sun enhances gravitational pull.
          • Neap tides - moon is @ 90 degree angle to the earth, the sun reduces moons gravitational pull


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