Geography Cliffs and Wave-cut platforms 10.6

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  • Cliffs and wave-cut platforms
    • Burton Bradstock Cliff characteristics
      • Height:45 metres
      • hard Bridport sandstone
      • horizontal bedding
      • layers of harder rock jutting out
      • near-vertical bare rock cliff face
      • wave-cut notch at the base
      • fallen rocks at the base in some places
    • Wave-cut platform characteristics
      • Area of bedrock visible at the base of some cliffs
      • Slopes gently down to sea at angle of 3-4 degrees
      • An overall pitted appearance of bare rock interspersed with rock pools
      • Bare rock, smoothed in places by attrition
      • Deep cracks in some places
      • Barnacles clinging to rock with seaweed
      • Pools that form in larger depressions. Shingles, shells and crabs collect there
      • Covered at high tide and exposed at low tide
    • Formation (see diagram in folder)


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