GCSE Geography AQA A The Coastal Zone: Cliff collapse at Barton-on-sea

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  • Cliff collapse at Barton-on-Sea
    • Cause of erosion
      • The cliff is made up of rocks that are easily eroded such as weak sands and clay, these rocks have little strength to resist collapse.
      • The waves near Barton have a long fetch and so are very powerful and cause a lot of erosion.
      • The arrangement of rocks (permeable sands on top of impermeable clay) causes water to pool up within the cliffs. The increase in water pressure known as pore water pressure encourages collapse.
      • Several small streams flows towards the coast and disappear into permeable sands before they reach the sea. This adds to the amount of water in the cliffs and increases rates of erosion.
      • Buildings on the cliff top have increased the weight on the cliffs, making them more vulnerable to collapse. They also interfere with drainage.
      • Occasionally weak and highly saturated cliffs increase the risks of mass movement as the rock easily slides due to the water and is also heavier.
    • Impacts on people
      • Several houses and businesses are on the cliff edge or have toppled over and insurance companies wont pay.
      • The tourism industry in Barton-on-sea has dramatically decreased so there are less jobs and less money coming in to the local economy.
      • General industry in Barton has also decreased.
      • As people have lost their homes, they have to find new places to live which is economically draining and spiritually draining.
      • The prices of houses have dramatically decreased and the people who have houses near the cliff can't sell their houses and make profit.
      • Houses near the edge of the cliff have to be demolished by the owner which is expensive and time-consuming.
      • People are angry that they have to leave their homes.
    • Impacts on the environment
      • Animals and plant habitats have been destroyed.
      • Erosion can be visually polluting.
      • Large chunks of the environment are being lost by erosion.
      • Natural ecosystems have been disrupted.
    • Responses
      • extensive coastal defences have been put in place to prevent erosion and protect several important buildings and homes.
      • Timber groynes and rock structure have been put in place to reduce the impacts of erosion.
      • Geologists have been studying the rock and have been drilling bareholes to better understand the ground water in order to reduce erosion.
      • Houses at risk have been evacuated and demolished to reduce the impacts of erosion.




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