Claudius Character Summary

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  • Claudius
    • Key Quotes
      • By Hamlet
        • 'smiling, damned villain!'
        • 'remorseless, treacherous, lecherous, kindless villian'
      • Worry/Guilt
        • 'he shall with speed to England'
        • 'what should this mean? Are all the rest come back? Or is it some abuse and no such thing?'
      • Cleverness/ Shrewdness
        • 'what he spake... was not like madness'
        • 'you may choose a sword unabted'
        • 'I'll anoint my sword'
        • 'A chalice for the nonce' 'If he by chance escape your venomed stuck,our purpose may hold there'
      • Death
        • 'He is justly served, it is a poison tempered by himself'
    • Background
      • Hamlets uncle/ step-father and new King of Denmark
      • At the beginning he seems to have come to terms within actions through seduction, treachery and murder
      • Murdered King Hamlet and married his wife Gertrude so he would become King. Even though Hamlet was the heir
      • After the ghost of Hamlet returns Claudius realises he is under suspicion and becomes power-hungry and scheming
      • Claudius sends Hamlet to England to be killed
        • After this plan is foiled he gives the job to Laertes to do
          • 'A sword unbated, and, in a pass of practice, Requite him for your father'
      • He is pro-active and plays God using others to change events, Laertes
      • The King's guilt is shown at the 'Murder of Gonzago'


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