Classifying Religious Experience

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  • Classifying Religious Experience
    • Public and Private Experience
      • Public Experiences
        • Either "an individual seeing God, or God's actions in a public object or scene"
          • like God at work in nature
        • Or a "very unusual event, involving a breach in natural law"
          • harder to dispute
          • Like a miracle
      • Private Experiences
        • Either "experiences which an individual can describe using normal language"
          • Like Jacob's dream of the ladder to heaven
        • Or an "experience which cannot be describes in normal language but which are very real to those experiencing them"
          • ineffable
          • mystical experiences
          • Like Julian of Norwich: "a little thing the size of a walnut" and saw in it "all that is made"
    • Monist and Numinous Experience
      • Monist
        • when someone becomes acutely aware of the one-ness and interconnectedness of all things
        • individual feels at one with God and creation
      • Numinous
        • A sense of seperateness of God
        • Insignificant in comparison to the glory of God
    • The Types of Religious Experience
      • Davies identified 6 types of religious experience
        • 1. Interpretative Experience - an experience is attributed to the divine by the individual
        • 2. Quasi-sensory Experience - an experience which impacts on the senses
        • 3. Revelatory - an experience which provides a moment of unique insight
        • 4. Regenerative - an experience which renews or restores an already existing faith
        • 5. Numious - an experience where one feels a sense of the otherness of God
        • 6. Mystical - an experience where the individual perceives themeselves to be apprehending the ultimate reality


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