Classification of skill

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  • Classification of skill
    • Highly complex
      • Skills involving large amounts of infomation to be processed, a hih number of sub-routines and moves
        • Tap dance Routine, many elements to this, so can be broken down to learn and teach
    • Closed
      • Not effected by the enviroment, the movement and skill will be the same no matter the situation
        • 100m Sprint, with no opposition that may interfer with the actions, the race will be the sam outcome everytime and only change with physiche and training
    • Continuous
      • No obvious beginning or end to the action
        • Drive Phase in the 100m, this begins and ends at different times depending on the athlete, is also no clear as in radual and knited into the rest of the race
    • Open
      • Effected by the enviroment, the weather, team players, apponants, no clear beginning or end
        • Game of Ruby during winter season, The ame can be affected by the weather and icy conditions and the players and team outcome will also be affected by the opposing team
    • Simple
      • small amounts of information to be processed and not much complexity
        • The 100m, aim is just to run fast in a straight line
    • Self Paced
      • The performer has the has the power to enforce when the skill will be carried out
        • A pole vault routine, can not be broken down into sub-routines, the action just has to be repeated as a whole when learning
    • Serial
      • Discrete elements of a performance put together where the order of the sequences is important
        • Relay Race dive in swimming, is clear to see when the arms are thrown back to jude when the other team membre comes in, then pushes forwards off the board
    • Fine
      • A skill involving intricate movements of small muscle groups
        • Throwing a dart, this only ivolve very small muscle groups and is a delicate skil
    • High organised
      • Routine is closed and can no be boken down, has o be practiced as a whole
        • 1500m race, there is only one element here, to run, so can not really be broken down
    • Externally Paced
      • The performer has no control over when the action/ skill might be taking place
        • Steeple chase, Athlete has to go as soon as the gun is fired
    • Discrete
      • Clear beinnin and end, the performer can easily repeat the action but has to start from the beining again
        • A pirouette in ballete dancin, there is a clear beinning and end to this, can be repeated many times
    • Gross
      • A skill involving large muscle groups
        • Pushing off the blocks of 100m race, this involves all muscles and the large muscular groups and ligiments
    • Low organistation
      • A skill/ routine that can be broken down into sub-routines to help teach and perform the action
        • Breast stroke, the action can be broken down into the movement of the arms and legs


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