Classification of Criminal Offences

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  • Classification of Criminal Offences
    • Summary Offences
      • Magistrates/ district judge determines both verdict and sentence
      • Magistrates hold summary trial
      • 6 months imprisonment and/ or £5,000 fine for a single offence
      • Least serious crimes
      • Example crimes: Common assault, minor motoring offences
    • Triable-Either-Way Offences
      • Magistrates/DJ in Magistrates', or a jury in the Crown court
      • Either magistrates' or Crown Court - magistrates and defendant decide which
      • Up to maximum for the crime in question, it can be sent to the Crown Court for sentencing by the magistrates
      • Mid-range seriousness
      • Example crimes: All forms of theft, ABH
    • Indictable Offences
      • Examples: Murder, ****
      • Up to maximum for the crime in question
      • Jury decides the verdict, and the judge decides the sentence if found guilty
      • Sent to Crown Court by magistrates- for trial on indictment
      • Most serious crimes


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