classification and diagnosis of schizophrenia

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  • classification and diagnosis of schizophrenia
    • positive symptoms
      • symptoms that appear to reflect an excess or distortion of normal functions
        • delusions, experiences of control, hallucination,disorded thinking
      • negative symptoms
        • symptoms that appear to reflect a diminution or loss of normal functioning and which persist even in the absence of negative symptoms
    • AO1-reliability(issue) the DSM is used to diagnose schizo.
      • A02- low inter rate reliability has been found. Copeland (description of schizophrenic in uk and us)
    • A01-reliability is an issue for diagnosis. rosenhan / situational factors more important.
      • A02- 'sane in insane places' pseudopatients diagnosed with schizo. follow up study, no pp were sent.
    • A01- validity and issue of comorbidity (the extent to which two or more conditions co occur)
      • A02-first rank symptoms- but also found in other conditions. umbrella of psychotic symptoms (psychotic spectrum)
    • A01-predictive validity shows the validity of a diagnosis
      • A02-low PV found - big variation in prognosis. other factors are more influential on outcome.


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