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  • classification
    • the organisation of living things into groups according to their similarities
      • e.g. physical traits, DNA, diet, behaviour
    • 5 kingdoms:
      • plants- use light energy to produce food during photosynthesis, cell wall made of cellulose
      • fungi- make spores to reproduce cell walls made from chitin
      • Protoctista- most made up of just one cell eg, algae
      • animals- feed on other organisms, made of lots of cells, no cell wall
      • prokaryotes- have n nucleus, cell wall but not made of cellulose eg, bacteria
    • a species is a group of organisms which are capable of interbreeding to produce a fertile offspring
    • 7 levels of classification-
      • 1. kingdom
        • 2. phylum
          • 3. class
            • 4. order
                • 6.genus
                  • 7. species


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