Classical Concerto

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  • Classical Concerto
    • Dynamics
      • Graded crescendos and diminuedos
    • Rhythm
      • No set rhythm
    • Structure
      • Three movements
    • Articulation
      • Varies, slow second movement often legato
    • Devices
      • Cadenza, imitation, call and response
    • Texture
      • Melody with accompaniment (soloist supported by orchestra
    • Instruments
      • Classical orchestra and soloist
      • Violin, flute, oboe, clarinet, trumpet, french horn, piano
        • Classical orchestra and soloist
    • Pitch
      • the cadenza usually shows the full range of the instrument
    • Tempo
      • Fast and Slow movements
    • Definitions:
      • Concerto: a musical composition for a solo instrument/s accompanied by an orchestra, especially one conceived on a  relatively large scale
      • Keyed trumpet: a brass instrument that makes use of keyed openings in its bore rather than extensions of the length of the bore as the means of playing all the notes of the chromatic scale


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