Classical Liberalism

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  • Classical Liberalism
    • Older strand, politically advocates constitutional government based on consent and the rule of law.
      • Economically, advocates laissez-faire, free-market capitalism and has been taken up by neo-liber conservatives
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      • Believe in negative freedom - freedom from external interference of any sort, especially by government and state
      • View the state as inherently oppressive, hence should be a necessary evil to safeguard law, order and security
      • Advocates by Locke's ''nightwatchman state'
    • View on economy
      • Laissez-faire (means leave alone)
        • E.g free-market, pirvate enterprise capitalism  and the absolute right of individual to enter and succeed or fail in the market
      • The economy is controlled by forces of supply and demand, as economic inequality should be an incentvoe tp enterprice


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