Class Gap

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  • Class Gap
    • External Explanations
      • Cultural Deprivation
        • Many studies have argued that the values, attitudes and aspirations of the parents have an important effect on their children
          • Working class parents tend top value education less then middle class parents, this has a negative effect on working class students in terms of there poorer performance
        • Leon Feinstein argues that the main reason for working class children underachieving was their parents lack of interest in there children education
          • Less likely to get educational tools to stimulate their thinking and reasoning skills
        • Basil Bernstein- distinguished between elaborated and restricted code
      • Material Deprivation
        • refers to the lack of physical resources such as money, room,, equipment ,etc
        • Smith and Noble - point out the importance of material factors in influencing class difference in educational
        • Wealthier class parents can move into the catchment area of good schools
      • Cultural Capital
        • Is why middle class students are more successful, refers to the knowledge, attitudes, values, languages, tastes and abilities of the middle class
        • Bourdieu- says it can be translated into wealth and power
    • Internal Factors
      • Labeling
        • One of the most important aspects of the internationalist approach to education concerns the ways in which teachers make sense of and respond to the behavior of their pupils
        • Gillborn and Youdell - found that teacher are more likely to see middle class students entered into higher exams
      • Banding, setting and streaming
        • Found a tendency or the middle class students to be placed in higher groups and visa versa
        • Teachers tend to have lower expectations of working class students deny them access to higher level of knowledge and tend to enter them for lower level examination tiers
      • Marketisation


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