cultural deprivation

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  • Speech codes
    • Cultural deprivation theory
      • Intellectual stimulation
        • refers to the development of thinking and reasoning skills, such as the ability to solve problems and use ideas and concepts.
          • many working class homes lack the books, educational toys and activities that would stimulate a child's intellectual development
        • J.B.W Douglas (1964) -that working class pupils scored lower on tests of ability than middle class
          • working class parents are less likely to support their children's intellectual development through reading with them or other educational activities at home.
        • Bernstein and Douglas (1967)- the way mother think about and choose toys has an influence on their children's intellectual development
      • Working-class subculture (sugarman)
        • immediate gratification- seeking pleasure now rather than making scarifies in order to get reward in the future.
        • fatalism- a belief that you can do nothing to change your status.
        • present time orientation- seeing present time as more important than the future and so not having long term goals.
        • Hyman- working class don't value education and believe that they have less opportunity for individual advancement
          • they place little value on achieving high status job
          • their subculture beliefs and values ensure that they neither want educational success, nor know how to get it.
      • critics
        • it ignores the importance of material factors such as poverty.
        • it ignores the impact of school factors, e.g. negative labelling by techers
        • it bales the victim for their failure.
          • Critics argue that the working class are not culturally deprived
            • they simply gave a different culture from the school and this puts them at a disadvantage
    • Bernstein (1975)
      • the working class use the restricted code- limited vocabulary, often unfinished, grammatically simple sentences. 
        • working class children, lacking the code means that they are more likely to feel excluded and be less successful
          • working class people fail not because they are culturally deprived, but because schools fail to teach them how to use elaborated code
      • the middle class use the elaborated code- wider vocabulary, longer sentences grammatically more complex sentences.
        • early elaborated code means that middle-class children are already fluent


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