Class differences in achievement: education

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  • Class differences in achievement
    • Cultural deprivation
      • Intellectual stimulation
        • W/C parents less likely to give their children educational toys/ activites to do
      • Speech codes
        • W/C use the restricted code
        • M/C use the elaborated code
      • W/C subcultures
        • Immediate gratification: unlike the deferred gratification (M/C)
        • Fatalism: "whatever will be, will be"
        • Low value on education: Douglas said they had less interest
    • Material deprivation
      • Poor diet leads to illness leads to absences + lack of concen-tration
      • Poor housing
      • Low income
    • Cultural capital
      • Bourdieu argues M/C pupils are more successful because their parents possess more capital
      • M/C parents understand education better, their children have an advantage
    • Labelling
      • Becker argues that teachers label M/C + W/C pupils differently
    • Self-fulfilling prophecy
      • 'What teachers believe, pupils achieve'
      • Label becomes true
    • Streaming
      • Lacey says that streaming = differentation
      • Streams are taught differently
    • Pupil subcultures
      • Pro-school subcultures
      • Anti-school subcultures
    • Educational policies
      • Government has a great influence
        • Marketisation affects streaming
        • Grants/fees etc affect material deprivation


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