class culture

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  • Class cultures
    • Middle class culture
      • Professional employment
        • Jobs that need high level education/ training
          • Cultural capital
            • Clothes- smart
              • Housing- detatched
                • social closure
                  • inter-marrying
                  • BMA
    • Working class culture
      • Old classification of class (registrar general)- dwefined lower classesa in society as manual cccupations
        • Jarrow march- 1936
          • Mass unemployment and extreme poverty in NE England
            • 200 men in manual occupation marched in protest from Jarrow to London
    • Jarrow march
      • Lockwood:  uses phrase " proletarian tradionalist" to refer to this culture
      • Represented W/C culture in past
      • Strong sense of collective solidarity between workers
      • belief that your occupation was significant part of your identity
      • Traditional gender roles in W/C families
      • View that society is structured around an us and them conflict attitude


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