Victorians- Social Issues quotes

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  • Class
    • Hard Times
      • It's not for you at all. It costs money. It costs a mint of money.
        • Short sentances
      • 'Hands' the lower creatures of the seashore, hands and stomachs
        • Personifiation
      • ...equally like one another
        • Long sentances
      • Turtle soup and venison
      • To do unto others as I would have them do to me
        • Quote
      • Like fairy palaces
        • Similie
    • Oliver Twist
      • Juvenile offenders against the poor laws
        • Irony
      • Suffered the torture of slow starveation
        • Sibilance
      • Might have been the child of a nobleman, or a beggar... fell into his place- orphan of the workhouse- despised by all pitied by none
        • Imbedded clause
      • Very rats that here and there lay purifying in it's rottenness, were hideous with famine
      • She died in the dark- in the dark!...They starved her!
        • Personal pronoun
      • No cirtain roof but the coffin lid
    • Mrs Warren
      • I don't believe in circumstance.... if they can't find them make them
    • Pygmalion
      • [as clean as she can afford to be, he features are no worse than theirs, but their condition leaves something to be desired]
      • Deepest gulf
      • As if you were in heaven, where there are no third class carriages, and one soul is as good as another
      • It wasn't fit for a pig to live in"
      • Difference between a flower girl and a lady isn't how she behaves but how she is treated
    • Miss Julie
      • MJ: Servant, lackey!............J: Servants whore, lackey's *****.
        • Parallelism anaphora
      • A hand that makes it move - Stop you ears! Stop your ears! But it only rings louder!
        • Short sentences exclaimation
      • Pillar I have climbed up somehow and I don't know how to get down. I don't have the courage to jump
    • North and South
      • Life of a dog
        • Metaphor
    • Cry of the Children
      • Is it likely God, with angels singing round Him,// Hears our weeping anymore?
        • Dialogue
      • "How long", they say, "How long, O cruel nation,//Will you stand, to move the world,on a child's heart?"
        • Dialogue retorical question personal pronoun
    • Song of the Shirt
      • Work!- work!-work!
        • Epizeuxis monosyllabic exclaimation
    • Song of the Workers
      • Grasp the honey while// oppression chokes the bees
        • Metaphor
      • Let truth fire her miniature guns!


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