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  • Clarissa
    • Romantic
      • "Her conviction that love did not find expression in a letter was not perfect" pg7
      • "Clarissa had generally taken against the whole project. It was rationalism gone beserk...everything was being stripped down, she said, and in the process some larger meaing was lost" pg70
    • Perceptive
      • "She laughed and said I was the world's most complicated simpleton" pg5
      • "You're such a dope. You're so rational sometimes you're like a child" pg33
      • She thinks she understands Parry well enough. A lonely inadequate man, a Jesus freak who is probably living off his parents, and dying to connect with someone, anyone, even Joe" pg81
      • "but they're his protection against failure because they will never let him in" pg83
      • "The trouble with Joe's precise and careful mind is that it takes no account of its own emotional field" pg83
    • Passionate
      • "we'll have to love each other even harder" pg33
    • Loves children
      • "What was revealed was Clarissa's own mourning for a phantom child" pg31
    • Mainly supportive but not always
      • "A secret gay love affair with a Jesus freak! I can't wait to tell your science friends." pg57
      • "Some poor fellow has a crush on you and is trailing you's a joke, Joe!... At worst it's a nuisance" pg57-8
      • "So what am I meant to think? You tell me. Then we'll see what kind of support and help you need" pg87
      • "I can't quite get rid of the idea that there might have been a less frightening outcome if you had behaved differently." pg216
      • "You worked out he had de Clerambault's syndrome (if that really is a disease)" pg218
    • Loves Joe
      • "I always thought our love was the kind that was meant to go on. Perhaps it will. I just don't know." pg219
    • Eager to find an explanation
      • "It must mean something...I mean how do we begin to make sense of this?" pg32-3
    • Starts to worry for his sanity
      • "Thirty-three messages on the machine? But she saw it as she came in, the indicator said zero. He wiped them, he insists" pg83
      • "it's always been a fear that she'll live with someone who goes crazy. That's why she chose rational Joe" pg83
      • "Perhaps Parry, or the Parry as described by Joe, does not exist" pg84
      • "You were so intense about him as soon as you met him. It's like you invented him" pg86
      • "His writing's rather like yours" pg100
    • Selfish
      • "Now it was settled in her mind I was unhinged, now she had told me we were finished, she appeared elated and generous" pg150
      • "She was staring at the gun in my hand with an expression of such repulsion and surprise that I thought we would never get past this moment." pg214-5


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