Claims to the English Throne

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  • Claims to the Throne
    • William of Normandy
      • William was the Duke of Normandy. His claim revolved around the claim that whilst in exile, Edward promised him the throne for his treatment of him
      • William was born illegitimately, meaning he had the nickname "The *******" from a young age. His fathers death saw him take control on Normandy at age 7, dealing with many rebellions against his rule
        • In one such rebellion, William displayed his ruthless nature by cutting off the hands and feet of 32 rebels who had abused him in Alencon
      • Although William's claim was supported by the presence of both Edward and Harold in Normandy at various points, There are no accounts of what was said at these, and as such this makes it hard to prove the legitimacy of the claim
    • Aedgar the Eathling
      • Aedgar the Eathling was a descendant of Edmund Ironside, and one of the last of the line of Wessex.
      • As such, it is arguable that Aedgar had the best claim out of everyone. He was a direct link to the throne.
      • However, Aedgar's age was considered a problem. As he was a teenager at the time, he had not seen any battle experience due to England's relative peace, meaning that he would not be effective in leading an army
    • Harold Godwinson
      • Harold Godwinson was the son of Harold Godwin, Earl of Wessex. Following his Father's death, Harold ascended to the role of Earl of Wessex, before later also becoming the Sub-Regulus of Edward the Confessor
      • Harold's claim stemmed from his assertion that Edward promised the throne to him on his death bed. This allowed him to achieve the throne, mainly due to the hostility to a foreign king like William or Harald, as well as the fact that most of his brothers were earls
      • it is again difficult to prove Harold's claim that he was promised the throne by Edward, mainly because Edward was dying. As such, there is no evidence of proof, apart from a book written by Edwards wife confirming that this was his intent. However, Edward's wife was also Harold's sister
    • Harald Hardrada
      • Harald's claim stemmed from before the time of Edward. He claimed that he was entitled to the throne by descent because of his relations to Canute, but was unable to claim it due to his exile
      • Harald hardrada was the king of Norway. A ruthless military commander, himself and Tostig attempted to dethrone Harold at the battle of Stamford Bridge
      • Hardrada's claim is the weakest of the lot, as the line of blood that Harald was trying to use to claim, although eligible, had been replaced by Edward's, and thus Harold's.


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