Civilian concerns

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  • Civilian Concerns
    • Had to accommodate occupying troops
      • garrison forced demanded payment for protection
      • 'double jeoprady'
        • assist a side and be punished by the other
    • Some commanders encouraged plundering
      • e.g. Prince Rupert
      • towns badly damaged
        • would they be repaired?
      • estates seized
      • friends were as likely to be looted as enemies
      • e.g. sacking at Leicester
    • Religious extremism
    • Repeat of 30 Years War
      • witchcraft
    • Violence of soldiers
      • ****
    • High taxation
    • Foreign mercenaries
      • mistrust
    • Trade disruption
    • Less manpower to work on land
      • crops taken by soldiers
      • women had to do the jobs
      • starvation


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