Civil rights

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  • Civil Rights
    • W.E.B Du Bois
      • Fought for African American civil rights
        • co founded the NAACP
        • He was the first African American to get a p.h.d from Harvard University
        • Best known spokesman for equal rights in the early 20th century
      • He grew up in a European town
      • While studying in Nashville he encountered the Jim Crow Laws.
        • There he bagn to realise the deep racist troubles in America.
      • he studied the most prominent social scientists of his day whilst studying at the university of Berlin
      • He coined the phrase the talented tenth. A term that described that one in ten black menbecoming leaders of their race
      • Du Bois critised Washingtons's view that blacks shoul only receive vocational education.
        • He Believed that this wasn't equal rights and continued to campaign for full equal rights
      • In his book The souls of Black Folk he opposed the idea of biological white supremacy
      • He Helped organise the freeing of African colonies from European Powers
    • Booker T. Washington
      • Born to a slave
        • His father was a white man... his identity was unknown
      • Set up the university of Tuskegee. Which helped African americans in agricultural pursuits
        • This view put him head to head with W.E.B Du Bois
        • Whilst promoting the school he promised that it would not challenge white supremacy
      • He supported the notion of giving newly freed slaves practical education
      • In a speech he said that African americans should accept segregation and white supremacy as long as whites allowed economic and educational opportunities
      • He became an adviser on racial matters to the president.
        • Some saw him aas a hero and others saw him as a traitor
        • This was probably because he accepted segregation


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