civil religion

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  • civil religion
    • non religious events, which generate loyalty and a national sentiment
    • Bella (1991)
      • studied american societies, he argued there is a "faith in Americanism", which involves loyalty to the nation-state and a belief in god
      • shared traditions,rituals, symbols and places of worship, they draw allegiance from americans as it is traditional and work to unify the nation
      • independence day, pledge of allegiance to the flag, thanks giving
    • encourages collective worship, bellah said it unifies the nation and the worship of symbols and traditions, is really the worship of American society
    • best patriotic commercial      brings people together people stood up at an airport and clapper the soldiers that passed through to show respect
    • ev- pledge of allegiance shows that equality doent exist and that there is sexism and racism in society so people refusedto sing the song
    • shills and young (1953)
      • argued that rituals surrounding the British monarchy are instances of civil religion
      • the coronation symbolised the relationship between the monarchy and the church of England,it also signified national unity, as many non religious people watched it creating social solidarity
      • death of princess Diana
    • marx- see religion as a unifying force,religious beliefs divert w.c from seeing their exploited state and trying to change society for the better
    • Bryan Turner (2011)
      • he says that the concept of civil religion has been extended to so many different beliefs and activities it has become meaningless
      • he says that rituals e.g. coronation must have the function of integrating individuals


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