Civil courts and ADR

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  • Civil courts
    • Queen’s bench division- cases involving contract and tort, jury of 12 in:malicious prosecution, false imprisonment and judicial review, largest of 3 divisions
      • QBC administrativecourt- judicial review planning court, appeals from criminal cases from M
      • QBC admiralty court- shipping and maritime disputes
      • QBC commercial court- transactions of trade and commence
      • QBC circuit commercial court- disputes outside commercial court and chancery divison
      • QBC tech and construction court- domestic and international disputes in tech, engineering and construction
    • Chancery division- hears company law, tax, insolvency, intellectual property and trust cases, deal with: business, property, or land compensationunder EU and UK law, contentious probate claims relating to partnerships professional negligence e
    • Family division- hears welfare of children under Children Act 1989 and matrimonial cases and some probate cases
    • Appeal- appeals to higher court for reversal on decision of lower court
      • County court- appeal heard by district judge, appeal to circuit judge in same country. Heard by cult unit judge, appeal to high court judge
      • Second appeals- sent to CoA, only allowed if appeal raises important point of principle, practise or there’s compelling research
      • Leapfrog appeal- from crown to supreme, must have national importance or raise issue of sufficient importance , further appeals- from CoA to SC but only if have. Permission from SC or CoA
    • Woolf Reforms- just results, treat litigants fairly, reasonable costs, reasonable speeds and understandable to those who use it
    • Lord Biggs 2016 proposals- out of hrs medication service n county court, online court for claims up to £25k, case officers to carry out administrative word done by judges
    • 3 track system by Civil Procedure Act’97- small track claims- less than £10k, injury up to £1k, simple cases, most done under 30 mins, country court, district judge
      • Fast track- £10k-25k, personal injuries £1k+, moderately complex, up to 1 day, county court, district judge, strict timetable
      • Multitrack- damages £25k+, personal injuries £1k+, complex cases, circuit judge, county or high court (£100k claim, £50k+ personal injuries)


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