civil blood makes civil hands unclean

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  • "Civil blood makes civil hands unclean" -Prologue, Chorus
    • "Civil"
      • Word class/ Methods
        • Adjective
        • Repetetion
      • Connations
        • Refers to the fact the that brawl between the Montagues and Capulets is effecting the whole town.
        • The repetition shows that there is a double meaning
        • Foreshadows the fight that happens in act 1, scene 1
      • Meanings
        • relating to ordinary citizens and their concerns
        • courteous and polite
    • "Unclean"
      • Word class/ methods
        • Adjective
      • Meaning
        • Dirty
        • Morally wrong
      • Connations
        • Shows that all the fighting is wrong morally because it is making civils hands dirty with other civilians blood
      • Context
        • The streets in this era were unclean and covered in blood and other rubbish, so all the deaths were normal in this time period.


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