City of God - Camera Techniques

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  • City of God- Camera Techniques
    • Meirelles (director) is seen as postmodern artist
    • He uses cuts, pans and dissolves "to enhance the narrative and setting"
    • The chronology is altered so that the audiences is see and film rather the a documentary of gore and violence
    • Realism is achieved by the horror of violence and the "speed-up" imagery
    • Liberation Aesthetics
      • The world we see is given little or no art
      • The landscape, labyrinths and dead ends are brought together by the lighting and sound
      • We sense the smells and sounds as Rocket takes us through the Favellas many danger
      • The almost over exposed glow of the film  is counterd by the dark lighting used- it offers both hope and the inevitable death in a almost oxymoron style
    • Chiaroscuro
      • The way the colour is filmed
      • Literal light where rocket moves from the light to the shadows easily
      • Lighting develops the story line


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