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  • Rights and Responsibility
    • a citizen is a person that belongs to our / a country.  the role of is that they partisipate by the law by being on a jury or possibly and magistate
    • fairness means treating people equally and acrording to the certances
      • presumed innocent means you are proved innocent of the crime and proven guilty in court
      • everyone is the same of the eyes in the law
    • rule of law means everyone is subject to the law
      • 5 elements of the rule of law are 1. legal certainly 2.laws are clear and properly carried out 3. equality and fairness 4. laws can not be retrospective  5.due legal process
    • justice is defined as behavior or treatment that is morally fair.
    • discrimination means treating a person or group of people unfaily on the bias of their sex, gender and race
      • 5 laws to support anti - discrimination 1. disability discrimination 2. the legal pay act 1970 3. equality acts 2006/2010 4. race relation act 1965 - 2000 5. sex discrimination act 1975- 2002
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    • universal declaration of human rights is the agreement of common human rights
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