Crime and Deviance: Topic 7: Crime and the media

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  • Crime and the media
    • Ditton and duffy - sexual crime is pver represented by media
      • Portray criminals and victims as older and more middle class
      • Media coveraage exaggeratess police success
      • Media exaggerate risk of victimisation
      • Crime is reported as a series of serveral events
      • Media oer play extra ordinary crimes
      • Cohen and Young - immediacy, dramatisation, personalisation, higher-status, simplification, novelty/ unexpectedness, risk and violence
      • Fictional representations of crime - tv, cinema, etc.
      • Include what is not shown by fictional representations of crime
    • The media as a cause of crime
      • Imitation
      • Arousal
      • Desensitation - repeating violent shows
      • Knowledge of how to do the crime
      • As a traget of crime
      • Advertisements to stimulate desires for affordable goods
      • Portray police as impotent - london riots
      • Glamourising offences
    • Fear of crime
      • Media exaggeration - woolich murder - video
      • Media create fear of unrealistic crimes
      • News papers work with media to ensure people feel fear e.g. black muggers and immigrants
    • Media relative deprivation and crime
      • Society is media saturated and in the US the American dream says it is meritcratic - but really materialistic and do not care for the w/c
      • Make crime seem like the lifestyle of violence is for a better life
      • Portrays the criminal as the one who needs help, simpathetically
    • Moral panics
      • Folk devils - Mods and rockers
      • Exaggeration and distortion
      • Moral entreprenuers - Meow meow pills
      • Prediction - assume what has and will happen
      • Media link cloting to crime
      • Symbolisation - they use a certain look/object to like a person to a previous event - Cohen, it is crucial in media
    • The wider context
      • Moral panics happen at a time where there is social change
      • When new have nothing they create falsee information to build fear
      • Functionalists - see it as a response to anomie
      • The idea of black muggers was made to take attention away from the failing economy
    • Criticisms to Moral Panics
      • Moral pamics are not used to protect but to amplify crime
      • To demonise a particular group
      • McRobbie and Thornton - moral panics are eroutine and have less impact
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