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  • Circulatory system - The Heart
    • Double circulation
      • One carries deoxygenated blood from heart to lungs to take in oxygen. Blood then returns to heart
      • Other carries oxugenated blood around all other organs. Blood gives its oxygen to cells deoxygenated blood returns to heart to be pumped out to lungs again
    • Heart as a pump
      • Keeps blood flowing around the body
      • Walls of heart mostly muscular tissue
      • Muscle supplied with oxygen by coronary arteries
      • Valves - make sure blood goes in right direction - prevent flowing backwards
      • 4 main chambers - left/right atria/ventricle
    • 1. Blood flows into 2 atria from vena cava (deoxygenated blood from body) and pulmonary vein (oxygenated from lungs)
    • 2. Atria contract, pushing blood into ventricles
    • 3. Ventricles contract, force blood into pulmonary artery (deoxygenated to lungs), aorta (oxygenated around body) out of heart


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