Circulatory System

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  • Circulatory System
    • Blood
    • Heart
      • has four chambers
        • Left Atria
          • receives blood from Pulmonary Vein
            • Pulmonary vein brings oxygenated blood
        • Right Ventricle
          • force blood into Pulmonary Artery
            • P.A. takes deoxygenated blood to the lungs
        • Levt Ventricle
          • force blood into Aorta
            • Aorta carries Oxygenated Blood around body
        • Right Atria
          • receives blood from Vena Cava
            • Vena Cava brings deoxygenated blood
    • Blood Vessels
      • Veins
        • often have VALVES
          • to prevent  backflow of blood
        • carry blood to the heart
        • have thinner walls than arteries
        • Large Lumen
      • Capillaries
        • Thin wall-only one cell thick
        • have permeable walls
          • so substance can diffuse in and out
        • very small lumen
        • carry blood rally close to every cell to exchange substances with them
      • Arteries
        • carry blood AWAY from heart
        • Walls are thick, strong and elastic


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