Circular Motion

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  • Circular Motion
    • When an object moves in a circle it continuously accelerates towards the centre of the circle
    • Acceleration changes the direction of motion of object not speed
      • Acceleration that always acts towards centre of circle of object moving round the circle
      • Resultant force that keeps object moving in a circle (causing the acceleration)
    • Friction
      • A car going round a bend: friction between car tyres and road
    • Tension
      • Bucket whirling round on a rope: tension in rope, if broke, bucket flies off at a tangent
      • Spinning fairground ride: tension in spokes of ride
    • Gravity
    • Centripetal force factors
      • Speed
        • Faster an object moving, bigger the centripetal force has to be to keep it moving in a circle
      • Radius
        • Radius is small, larger the centripetal force
      • Mass
        • Larger the mass, bigger the centripetal force


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