Cinema Attendance

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  • Cinema Attendence
    • 1930 - 50% of the population went to the cinema once a week
    • People would rather go to the cinema than the theatre
    • Matinees on a Saturday were £1 and kids could go without parents
    • People would go to escape the stress of the war
    • It would give people important information and keep people updated with the war
    • Hollywood names: Marilyn Monroe, John Wayne, Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall
    • Films were in technicolour
    • 1960 - popularity started to decline
      • Rise in ticket prices - entertainment tax.
      • 11 million  television sets in Britain in 1961
      • Little money to upgrade cinemas
    • Tried to keep up attendance with 3D and Smell-O-Vision
    • Films that starred pop groups were still popular
    • Video Recorder - people could watch films at home
    • 54 million visits a year in 1984
    • 1990 - bigger audience - special effects, quality sound and stereo
    • 3D and IMAX multi-screen cinemas  built
    • 150 million visits in 2000


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