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  • Churchill's view of events
    • INDIA
      • 1857 - BR controlled India
        • India wanted independence
          • Gandhi - non-violent protests
          • BR Gov: attempted to appease the Indians
            • Government of India Act 1935
        • Churchill saw India as the 'jewel in the crown' of the BR empire
          • Believed in superiority of the white race
          • Supporters WC: saw his views on India as too extreme
            • Appeared old fashioned
      • Edward V111
        • Marry Mrs Simpson
          • Twice divorced and American
          • Cabinet did not approve of the marriage
        • Threatened stability
          • Difficult for the BR public to accept
        • Supported the King
          • In the minority with his beliefs once again
            • Showed that he was oblivious to public opinion
      • Munich Agreement 1938
        • Sudetenland part of Germany
      • Policy adopted by Chamberlain
        • Supported by Queen
          • Criticised by Churchill
            • Argued that it weakened BR and strengthened Germany
            • Seen as old-fashioned
          • Public = too harsh
            • Public = anti-war feeling
              • WC = hypocritical - he had initiated much of BR disarmament in 1920s
      • Feared Germany would break the Treaty of Versailles
        • Saw continuity with the old and new regime
      • Hitler reintroduced conscription in 1935
        • German rearmament = a threat
      • Feared this was a sign of German revival of militarism


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