What were Chuchill's relationships like with his Generals?

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  • What was Churchill's relationship like with his Generals?
    • Wavell
      • did not have a personal relationship
      • Was replaced by Auchinleck in 1941 after failed advance on Africa Korps in the Somaliland,
        • The attack had been forced by Churchill and was therefore his fault. Wavell had wanted to rebuild the army's strength before leading another attack.
      • Did not agree with each other on military techniques.
      • Driven out of British Somaliland in September 1940 by the Italians
        • However, Wavell launched a successful counter-attack against Churchill's will and pushed back the Italian's hundreds of miles.
          • Churchill was not supportive of the victory and criticised Wavell for the ratio of lack of support to actual fighting troops.
    • Auchinleck
      • Replaced Wavell in July 1941 as Commander- in-chief
      • Was thoughtful, careful and meticulous in his planning
      • Churchill thought he was too cautious
      • Africa Korps. gained ports such as Benghazi in 1942 in a counter-attack
      • Auchinlech used intelligence and secret information about German Troops to successfully defeat Rommel at the first battle of El Alamein
        • Churchill had been pushing for more use of intelligence gathering at Bletchely Park
      • Took advantage of German troops in Russia to build up supplies, weapons and men in Egypt before launching an attack
      • Defeated Rommel and Africa Korps in 1941
      • Was replaced by Sir Harold Alexander in 1942
    • Brooke
      • Competent organiser
      • Very professional
      • Had very different temperament to Churchilll
      • Really bad personal relationship
      • Disagreed on little decisions but agreed on major decisions
      • Agreed with Churchill to send troops and equipment to North Africa
      • Brooke was furious at Churchill's decisions in the Far East and believed they were purely Imperialist
    • Montgomery
      • Good Personal relationship: referred to him as 'Monty'
      • Despite Churchill's impatience with Wavell and Auchinleck; Montgomery was held up by weather and waited until supploes were built up before lauching an offensive.
      • Made Head of eighth army
      • Delayed second Battle of El Alamein for no apparent reason - but was heavily praised by Churchill on his successes
      • Second battle of El Alamein 1942 - resulted in Victory for British and Devastation for Africa Korps.


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