Churchill and his Generals

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  • Churchill and his Generals
    • Gort
      • Commander in Chief in Western Europe 1940
        • Went against Churchill's wishes at Dunkirk and evacuated - success
          • Churchill then ordered more troops into Dunkirk and had to retreat - failure
    • Wavell
      • Commander in Chief in Middle East 1939 - 1941
        • Churchill was not fond of Wavell and was unhappy when he supported a retreat by the British Army
    • Montgomery
      • Commander of the 8th Army in North Africa 1942+
        • Churchill approved delay of attack due to weather
          • Defeated Rommel using Auchinleck's plans
    • Dill
      • Chief of the Imperial General Staff 1940 - 1941
        • Churchill disliked him, naming him 'Dilly Dally'
    • Brooke
      • Chief of the Imperial General Staff 1941+
        • Agreed with Churchill on basic principle but often clashed due to different personalities
          • Disagreed over the far East
            • Kept extensive diaries
    • Auchinleck
      • Commander in Chief in North Africa 1941 - 1942
        • Clever use of defence - stopped Rommel, however Churchill found him too cautious and replaced him with Montgomery
          • Despite his judgments, Churchill had no desert warfare experience


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