Religious Organizations - Churches

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  • Churches
    • Ernst Troeltsch 1931
      • The first to distinguish between different religious organisations
        • Influenced by Weber
      • Uses church to refer to a large organisation
      • A church may try to be universal - embrace all members of society
      • A church usually 'stabilizes and determines political order'
      • Churches are sometimes closely related to the state
      • Churches are formal organizations with a hierarchy of professional, paid officials
    • Steve Bruce 1996
      • Questions the usefulness of the definition of the church that Troeltsch comes up with
      • Argues the concept og a church is primarily useful in describing pre-modern Christian societies
      • 'When a population becomes divided between a number of organizations, that fragmentation undermines the conditions for the church form'
      • A variety of organizations, which call themselves churches or which could be seen as churches, do not conform to the characteristics outlined by Troeltsch


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