church and the kingdom of God part five

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    • 5.9: The conciliar and pontifical nature of the Church
      • The church is conciliar because: council are sometimes held to make important decisions and update Church teachings
        • these help the Pope to discuss difficult issues with other members of the Church
        • councils influence the teachings and direction of the Church
        • councils express the voice of the whole Church
      • the Church is pontifical because: the Pope is the leader of the Church and has the highest authority
        • this authority has been passed down over generations from Peter
        • this makes the Pope the representative of Christ on earth
        • and the decisions of a council have no authority until they're approved by the Pope.
    • 5.10: The Church as the Body of Christ; the importance of charity for Catholics
      • SVP
        • SVP members visit people in need in their homes - support and friendships etc.
        • SVP also help individuals with practical needs - shopping, household chores etc.
        • SVP run slightly bigger projects to help the local community
      • CAFOD
        • CAFOD provides emergency aid places overseas where natural disasters or war have ruined lives
        • CAFOD challenges national and international laws and policies
        • CAFOD provides legal assistance to people


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