Chromosomes Genes and DNA

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  • ChromosomeGenes and DNA
    • Chromosome- most living cells contain a nucleus. The nucleus is the control centre because it contains chromosomes that are subdivided into smaller sections called genes. There are hundreds of genes in each chromosome.
      • A Chromosome occurs in a Funtional pairs (except in sex cells)
    • Genes- It is the genes in out body that control characteristics such as eye colour. Inside genes and chromosomes there is a very important molecule that gives them their properties
    • DNA- is deoxyribonucleic acid. Genes are short section of DNA that code for a particular protein or characteristic
      • DNA consists of 2 phosphate and sugar strands held together by bases linked by hydrogen bonds this unit it repeated along the along the length of the DNA bond
        • The four bases can combine only in the order A=T G=C. These pairing are referred to as Base pairing
        • One unit of of sugar, phosphate and base is called a nucleotide
    • History of DNA
      • Edward Chargaff
        • Analysing the chemistry worked out that in terms of bases A=T and C=G
      • Rosalind Franklin and Maurice Wilkins
        • Using X- Ray diffraction worked out overall shape of the DNA molecule
      • Watson and Crick
        • By Building models worked out that A joined with T and C joined with G and the double helix structure


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