Paper Chromatography

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  • Chromatograp
    • Can be used to separate different dyes in an ink.
    • Method
      • 1) Draw a LINE near the bottom of a sheet of filter paper. Use pencil as pencil marks are insoluble and won't dissolve ion the solvent
      • 2) Add a spot of the ink to to the line and place the sheet in a beaker of solvent e.g Water
      • 3) Make sure the ink isn't touching the solvent to make sure it doesn't dissolve into it.
      • 4) Place a LID on top of the container to stop the solvent from evaporating.
        • 5) When the SOLVENT has nearly reached the TOP of the paper, take the paper out of the beaker and leave it to DRY.
    • Practical
      • The solvent SEEPS up the paper, carrying the ink with it.
      • Each different DYE in the ink will move up the paper at a DIFFERENT rate so the dyes will SEPARATE OUT.
      • INSOLUBLE dyes in the ink will stay on the baseline
      • The end result is a pattern of spots called a chromatogram
    • Rf Value
      • Distance travelled by substance / Distance travelled by Solvent
      • Dependent on the solvent you use


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