Stem Cells

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  • Stem Cells
    • Not gone through differentiation
      • Not yet become specialised.
    • Cells from embryo- embryonic stem cells
    • Remain in body of adults- adult stem cells
      • Brain
      • Eyes
      • Blood
      • Bone marrow
      • Only differentiate into related cell types.
    • Meristems- where cell division in plants happens.
      • 1 of 2 cells remains meristematic
        • Other contributes to growth
      • New cells continuously being produced near tip
        • Older & further away from tip- become differentiated
          • Enlarge and develop vacuoles
      • Rare species cloned- avoid extinction
      • Crop plants with special features
        • Disease resistance etc
    • Therapeutic cloning- embryo produced with same genes as patient
      • Not rejected from patients body- used in treatment
    • May be able to treat diabetes and paralysis
      • Risk of infection, ethical issues


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