Doctor Faustus Context

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  • Christoper Marlowe
    • Life
      • Academic
        • BA in Master of the Arts
        • Went to CorpusChristi College
        • Given a scholarship cause he was clever
      • Religion
        • Workedfor Protestant
        • Could have been atheist
      • Childhood
        • Humble background
    • Controversy
      • Died in a bar fight rumoured because of his spy life and atheism
      • Arrested for intending to defect to Catholic side
      • Not sure but rumour was he was gay, cause of his work
  • Social Historical
    • Renaissance
      • Rediscovery of Greek philosophy
      • Architecture, art and politics
    • Reformation
      • Catholic to Protestant
      • Elizabeth I kept it Catholic
    • Humanism
      • Human belief over supernatural beliefs
      • Own belief over a blind belief
    • Morality Play
      • Good vs. Evil
      • Protagonist met by personifications of moral attributes
    • Faust
      • German tale
      • Scholar who sold his soul to the Devil
      • Forsakes God


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