Christmas carol - redemption

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  • Redemption
    • " have yet a CHANCE and HOPE of ESCAPING my fate"
      • Marley regrets that he did not change his ways - too late for him to avoid suffering
      • Scrooge is lucky - Marley implies most people are already doomed to their fates, but scrooge will get one last chance of redemption
      • Acts as a hellish guardian angel
    • "a SOLITARY CHILD, NEGLECTED by his friends, is left there still"
      • Reader learns that he has been left at his school because his father won't let him come home for xmas
      • Reader feels sympathy as they learn about his past
      • His past suggests people are not necessarily born bad and even someone like scrooge can have some goodness in them
    • "Your lip is TREMBLING and what is that UPON YOUR CHEEK?"
      • Sudden change in character - he is crying
      • He is reminded of his childhood. He feels pity for his lonely, boyhood self or he could be feeling nostalgic
      • Reader sees Scrooge's emotions for the first time - feel sympathetic
    • "There was a boy singing... i should like to have given him something: that's all
      • Feeling guilty and showing emotion
      • Thinking more about his actions as he regrets his treatment of the carol singer in stave one
      • The start of the change in Scrooge's behaviour and attitude towards the poor
    • "With an INTEREST he had NEVER FELT before" (asking if Tiny Tim will live)
      • Seeing Tiny Tim helps Scrooge to feel empathy again
      • Reader feels a hope of redemption for Scrooge
      • Tiny Tim makes Scrooge start to care about other people
      • Ghost of Xmas Present uses Tim to show Scrooge how wrong his beliefs about the "surplus population" are and think about poor people as individuals
    • "Scrooge was overcome with PENITENCE and GRIEF"
      • Scrooge feels sorrow and regret when he realises how wrong and horrible he has been
      • Start to see a change in Scrooge's attitude towards the poor, Starts to accept that people like Tim are his responsibility


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