A Christmas Carol

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  • Scrooge's personality
    • Cold , cruel unfeeling man
      • Dickens repeatedly refers to the cold when describing him  eg he writes that Scrooge has a "frosty rime on his head"
      • He tells charity workers that if the poor would rather die than go to a workhouse y" then  they had better do it and  decrease the surplus population "
    • Tight fisted stingy  only cares about money
      • Selfish with money as when his friend and business partner MARLEY dies Scrooge organises a cheap funeral
        • Not willing to buy a new sign for the business
          • Answers  to both names Scrooge and Marley
        • "Funeral and solemnised it  with an undoubted bargain"
      • Stave 1  described as " squeezing, wrenching, grasping, scraping, clutching, covetous old sinner"
    • Not an appealing character
      • "The cold  within him froze hils old features, nipped his nose, made his eyes red, his thin lips blue  and he spoke out shrewdly in his grating "
    • A mislerley owner of a London Counting House
    • isolated man  - isolated in his own environment
      • No  one  In the village seems to approach Scrooge
      • Scrooge has driven  his neighbours not to speak to him
    • Not interested in anyone even his own family
      • Despises all things that give  him happiness
      • Seems as. Though he is dead  or waiting to die
    • role main character in the book used to represent the rich in Victorian Era
    • He had a bad past that he tried  to forget that might have made home cold
    • A  Victorian  inch who neglects the poor and only thinks of their own well being
    • CONTEXT  set in Victorian London Dickens was poor and his parents went to workhouses . He wanted to make Scrooge disliked at the  beginning and liked at the end to encourage upper classss to be more generous
    • ALLEGORY  - type of narrative where characters represent themes or ideas
      • Scrooge  represents greed, apathy and all that is against Christmas Sipirit
    • 5.  Staves  which are distinct episodes in Scrooges spiritual re- education
      • Stave 1  visitation from Marley' s ghost
      • Stave 2 ghost of Christmas past
      • Stave 2 ghost of Christmas present
      • Stave 3  ghost of Christmas future
      • Stave. 5 Scrooge has changed  to a  warm  kind and joyful benefactor


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