Christinity: Beliefs and Teachings

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  • Christianity: Beliefs and Teachings
    • The Trinity
      • The Trinity is comprised of 3 beings.
        • Father
        • Holy Spirit
        • God is the Holy spirit, but the holy spirit is not the son.
      • They are 1 and 3 at once
      • Brings humanity face to face with the idea of God
      • Teaches Christians vital truths about relationship and community
      • Emphasises that God is different to us
      • Comes from the Latin, Trinitas
    • Holy Books
      • Bible
        • Old Testament
        • New Testament
        • Gospels
          • Matthew
          • Mark
          • Luke
          • John
        • Pslams
        • Prophets
        • Proverbs
        • Kings
        • Acts
    • Life and Death
      • Heaven
        • Paradise, an Eternity with God
      • Hell
        • An eternity without God
    • The Nature of God
      • Holy, meaning Sacred, Special and Separate
      • Just
      • Omnipotent
      • Omniscient
      • Benevolent
      • Omnipowerful
      • He gave us his only son, so he mus love us a  lots
    • Values
      • Every one is Equal in the eyes of God
      • We are stewards of the Earth and are temporarily looking after it for God
      • Divorce is okay
      • Same-sex marriage is okay, but only at the vicar's discretion


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