Mrs Linde according to York Notes

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  • Christine Linde
    • Who is she?
      • An old school friend of Nora's seeking work at Helmer's bank
      • Once in love with Krogstad, but left him for a rich man who could support her family
        • She is now a penniless widow
      • She believes Nora must tell the truth
    • First Appearance
      • She is a quiet and polite woman used to contrast against Nora
      • The audience may be shocked about how openly she talks about bereavement and poverty and her absence of grief towards her previous husband
      • Her tiredness and overworking shows her as physically frail, having to take the stairs 'slowly'
    • Truth at all Costs
      • She owns her experience and the self it has made her which may be she is so determined to have 'full understanding' between Nora and Torvald
      • She is the truth teller contrasting with Nora's bringer of light
      • She is a confidante
    • Female Sacrifice: Key Quotation
      • 'a woman who has sold herself once for the sake of others doesn't make the same mistake again'
        • she is well equipped to understand the way Nora has been treated by her father and its consequences
    • A New Woman
      • She has a true passion for work- it is her 'only joy'
        • This gives her an independence and modernity that makes her highly unusual
      • She wishes to 'join hands' with Krogstad as equals


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