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  • Christina Rossetti
    • Was born in London on December 5th 1830
      • Was the fourth child of Italian poet and political exile Gabriele Rossetti and Frances Mary Lavinia Polidori daughter of an Italian exile.
      • She was a lively child and throughout her childhood she mage regular visits to Madam Tussauds, London Zoo and Regents Park
    • Was educated at home by her parents;  they had her study religious works, classics, fairy tales and novels.
    • 1840s: Family faced severe difficulties due to the deterioration of her fathers mental health.
      • Due to her father being ill he was unable to work leading her mother to become a tescher and sister her  Maria  a governess.
        • Through this Rosetti became very isolated.
    • At the age of 14 Rossetti experienced a nervous breakdown which meant she could no longer attend school.
      • During this time Christina and her mother became interested in the Anglo- Catholic movement that developed into the church of England.
        • Religion was a large influence on Rosetti's life.
    • Her most famous collection of Poems  'Goblin Market and other Poems'  was released in 1862 when she was aged 31.
      • Was believed to be the main female poet of her tiime and believed to be the successor of Elizabeth Browning who had onl recently died.
    • In 1872 she was diagnosed with Grave Disease which is an autoimmune disease revolving around problems with the thyroid
      • She then went on to develop breast cancer.
        • In 1894 only a year after being diagnosed with breast cancer Christina Rossetti died on the 29th December.
    • Rossettie is honoured with a feast day on the liturgical caleneder of the Anglican chruch on the 27th April.
    • Scholars identified feminist themes within her poems.
      • She was opposed to slavery, animal abuse and the exlploitation of underage girls in prostitution.


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