Christina Rossetti

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  • Christina Rossetti(1830-1894)
    • personal life
      • Born 38 Charlotte street, near Regents Park London
        • daughter of italian refugee
          • father member of the carbonari(fought for Italian independence from Austria)
            • farther professor of Italian at kings collage
      • 1845 she had a breakdown in her mental and physical health.
        • suffered from 'angina pectoris'
          • remained an invalid with this condition for some years
    • she wrote from an early age
      • first volume of poerty, verses, published 1847 expence of her grandfather
        • 2 of her poems were published in the atheneum
          • later that year engaged to be married to james collins(PRB)
            • poems apreared in the germ a publicated by the PRB
              • Collins resigned from PRB at the same time there engagement was terminated
                • the Rossetti family moved to Camden town
                  • 1859- she volunteered at the st. Mary Magdalene penitentiary, where she supervised young reforming prositiutes
                    • first mayor successful publication goblin market & other poems- 1862
                      • second edition The Prince's progress & other poems- 1866 not as critically aclaimed
                        • 1872 - sing-song collection of nursery rhymes
    • brother knew members of the PRB(group of young painters)
      • challanged the artistic establishment, encouraged return to valued of painting
    • brother was aflicted with paranoid mania- invalid for the rest of his life
      • her writing became more overtly religious and didactic
        • a pageant & other poems-1881 and the face of the deep were published by the society of the promotion of christan knowledge-1892
          • she died 1894


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