Christina Rossetti

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  • CHRISTINA ROSSETTI (1830-1894)
    • About Rossetti
      • She was born into an artistic family
      • Started writing poetry when she was eleven
      • First poetry book was published by her Grandpa who owned a printing press.
      • She fell ill in her teens and though she lived long, she never fully recovered.
      • She was deeply religious-broke of 3 relationships as well
      • Regarded as the next Barrett Browning of the time
    • What she writes about
      • Death
        • Perhaps due to her long term illness, a lot of her poems are about death.
          • Several of them dwell on her own but she seems fascinated by it in general, or maybe frightened.
      • Love
        • Romantic, religious and also love for family.
        • Challenged common Victorian belief that the sole purpose of a woman's life is to marry
        • Many of her characters choose divine love over romantic love
      • Religion
        • She also writes about biblical events like Christ's death.
        • She has also written hymns and carols
          • In The Bleak Midwinter
      • Sin
        • Several of her poems feature women who suffer having sex outside of marriage
          • A big no-no in Victorian times
    • Her poetry
      • Simplicity
        • Strong rhyme sceme
        • Short lines
        • Simple vocabulary
          • Easy to read and understand but often have hidden meanings
            • Short lines
            • Strong rhyme sceme
      • First person POV
        • Makes her poems seem more personal-look out for 'I' and 'me'
      • Symbolism
        • Eating fruit
          • Sin or loss of innocnece
        • Plants or flowers
          • Life
        • Seasons
          • The journey from birth to death
    • Well known poems
      • Sister Maude
      • Remember
      • A Birthday
      • Goblin Market
      • Song
      • Cousin Kate


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