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  • Christians
    • Religion Upbringing
      • teach their children to believe in God and to pray
        • Children will believe their parents
        • Parents wouldn't waste their time praying
      • take their children to worship or have them baptized (in church)
        • They will see others praying/worshipping
      • may send them to Church school
        • Will be taught God exists
    • Religion Experience
      • Makes their belief in God stronger
      • believe they have had direct contact with God
      • Numinous- they believe they can feel the presence of God
      • Conversion- an experience of God which is go great that they want to change their life/experience
      • They experience a miracle that breaks the laws of science
    • Life after death
      • Jesus rose from the dead
        • recorded in the Gospels and New Testament
        • St Paul teaches that people will have a resurrection
      • Gives their lives meaning and purpose
        • taught in the Bible
        • The soul is something that can never die
    • Abortion
      • Catholic Church teaches: abortion is wrong
        • Counselling and adoption are alternatives
      • All life belongs to God
        • Life begins at conception
      • Some Christians believe it should be allowed in some circumstances
        • Could remove suffering (Jesus' command to love your neighbour)
          • The sanctity of life
    • Euthanasia
      • Catholics believe it is wrong
      • They believe it is up to God, not humans, when people die
      • Regard it as murder, forbidden in the 10 commandments
        • Bible also forbids suicide
      • A few Christians accept it:
        • 'Loving your neighbour' can be used to justify assisting suicide
    • Pre-marital sex
      • The Bible says it is sinful
        • All Christians are against adultery, breaks wedding vows and banned in 10 commandments
    • Divorce
      • Catholic church doesn't allow divorce or remarriage
        • Although allows civil divorce
        • Jesus taught divorce is wrong
      • non- Catholic Churches think divorce is wrong but allow it
        • Jesus allowed it in Matthew 19:9 for a partner's adultery
          • If marriage has broken down then the effects of the couple not divorcing would be greater evil than the evil of divorce (lesser of two evils)
    • Contraception
      • Catholic Church teaches to use Natural Family Planning
        • Church teaches all sec should be unitive and creative
          • Catholic Church believes artificial contraception leads to sexual promiscuity & broken families
      • Pope Pius XI condemned all forms of artificial contraception
        • Pope Paul VI stated only allowable forms of contraception are natural methods
      • Non-Catholic Christians believe God created sex for enjoyment and there is nothing in the Bible that forbids contraception
    • Homosexuality
      • Catholic attitude: homosexual is not a sin but homesexual sexual activity is
        • Discriminating against people because of their sexual orientation is similar to racism, which is sinful
      • Evangelical Protestants believe homosexuality is a sin and they can be changed by the power of Holy Spirit
        • Bible agrees
      • Liberal Protestants provide blessings for civil partnerships
        • the major Christians belief in love and acceptance means that homosexuals must be accpeted


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