Christianity and prejudice

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  • Christianity and prejudice
    • Against
      • Everyone is created by god and is equal in his sight
        • 'From one human being he created all races on earth and made them live throughout the whole earth'
    • The laws God gave to Moses gave guidance for people to live in harmony with each other and create a just society.
      • 'Do not deprive foreigners and orphans of their right'
      • Harmony=Living in peace with others, requiring people to act justly and have tolerance and understanding of others, even when they are different.
        • Justice=People being treated fairly and according to the law
        • Tolerance=Accepting everybody whether they have differemt beliefs or not.
        • Value of the individual=Each individual is created by God and has special value to him, so humans should teach other as equal regardless of race, colour, gender e.t.c.
          • Equality=We have the same value and worth, does not mean we are all the same.
    • Jesus helped people who were not Jews
    • Jesus taught women and  women and was supported financially by them.
      • He told a Samaritan woman that he was the messiah, normally jews wouldnt speak to samaratind.
      • The good samaratin
    • 'There is no such thing as Jew and Greek, Slave and Freeman, male and female, for you are all one person in Christ jesus'
      • Meaning racial differences are no longer recognised in church
    • 'The body of christ'
      • All are united in one community of love
    • MLK
      • Campaigned against racism
        • Speeches, non-violent protests, marches e.t.c.
    • 'There is no longer any distinction between Gentiles and Jews... Christ is all, christ is in all'
      • St Paul


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